Our projects

The Other PerspectiveThe Other Perspective - ERDF Revenue

A Business Creation project which delivers services where beneficiaries are encouraged and supported to set up their own business.

Support includes:

  • help with preparing a business plan

  • sources of loans and funds

  • one to one business support

  • advice and information.

The project will particularly target refugee beneficiaries.

For more info visit The other perspective


Foundations Foundations Furniture - ESF

Pathways to Employment project provides one to one bespoke support for individuals to support them to move closer or re-enter the labour market.

The individuals do an informal placement with Foundations, this includes programme activity such as:

  • warehousing

  • organising

  • manual handling

  • stock management

  • CV writing workshops

  • job search training and many more.

For more info visit Foundations 

2 Way2 Way Tenancy Solutions - ESF

Pathways to Employment project engages with participants over 12 weeks. It provides training on things such as:

  • budgeting and money management
  • tenancy management and welfare reform
  • CV development and ICT training
  • job searches and online shopping. 

The outcomes of the project are to provide individuals with the skills needed to bring them closer to the labour market. 

For more info visit 2 Way Tenancy

Bensham GroveBensham Grove - ERDF revenue and capital

Business Creation, Workplace Infrastructure and Business Growth Project. The project focuses on converting the main rooms of the redundant caretakers flat into standalone studios. These will be incubation spaces for small to medium enterprises. 

H.C. Horizons will then provide business development to four enterprises who occupy the space. This will focus on four main aspects of business:

  • financial management
  • marketing and promotions
  • operational management
  • human resources

For more info visit Bensham Grove

GemArtsGemArts - ESF

Pathways to Employment project works with women from BAME communities at Bensham Grove Community Centre. The project helps to engage women in activities to overcome barriers such as:

  • isolation
  • enable them to access informal creative learning and training opportunities
  • socialise and interact with other women

The aim is for them to progress towards further training, volunteering, employment and enterprise. 

For more info visit GemArts 

Society MattersSociety Matters - ESF

Pathways to Employment project that supports people furthest from the job market. They support them with thinking about:

  • the future
  • removing barriers
  • managing money
  • volunteering
  • insights to employment

Each learner receives 9-12 hours work experience at Citizens Advice Gateshead. 

They'll also have a mentor to help the participant set targets and support their progression. 

For more info visit Society Matters

Citizens AdviceCitizens Advice - ESF 

Pathways to Employment project that provides participants with the opportunity to volunteer. 

The project will enable participants to understand how volunteering can provide a pathway for them. 

Highlights of the project also include:

  • accredited training Level 1 Award in Volunteering
  • volunteering placements in the community
  • volunteering placements and further accreditation with Citizens Advice Gateshead
  • generalist advice 

For more info visit Citizens Advice

PopUpPopUp Business School - ERDF Revenue 

Business Creation project that works by delivering two, one-week courses in two locations throughout Gateshead The intent is to deliver inspirational business start-up training. 
PopUp Business School will use a unique approach and model for getting people started. 
The course will focus on many things such as:

  • using social media to get customers
  • tax legal and basic accounting
  • how to make a great website
  • sales and marketing
  • how to start a business for free 

for more info visit PopUp

NECSNorth East Counselling Services - ESF 

Pathways to Employment and Aspirations and Culture project. The project provides bespoke counselling and psychotherapeutic support. It's for vulnerable people who are at risk of falling into the Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET) bracket. 

The project will  improve the participants confidence and self esteem. It will nudge them towards moving on with their lives by applying for an appropriate form of education, training and employment. 

For more info visit NECS

Gateshead CouncilGateshead Council - ERDF Revenue

Business Growth project that will deliver a series of business grants for SMEs within the CLLD geographical area.
This grant will help and pay for activities to aid business growth, development and innovation. The grants programme will support newly created and existing SMEs providing a 50% match funded grant pot. 

For more info visit Gateshead Council

Gateshead CollegeGateshead College - ESF 

Pathways to Employment and Aspirations and Culture project that will involve handPICKED, Gateshead Colleges social enterprise, to offer participants with internships, work placements and training opportunities. Support will be focused on people who need additional confidence, experience and motivation to help them gain employment, seek work, or participate in education or training. 

For more info visit Gateshead College