What is Gateshead Goes Local?

About Gateshead Goes Local

Gateshead Goes Local is intended to:

  • encourage local communities to develop integrated bottom-up approaches in circumstances where there is a need to respond to territorial and local challenges calling for structural change
  • build community capacity and stimulate innovation (including social innovation), entrepreneurship and capacity for change by encouraging the development and discovery of untapped potential from within communities and territories
  • promote community ownership by increasing participation within communities and build the sense of involvement and ownership that can increase the effectiveness of EU policies; and
  • assist multi-level governance by providing a route for local communities to fully take part in shaping the implementation of EU objectives in all areas

Organisations, local community groups, training organisations, colleges, employers or the voluntary sector are invited to come forward with their ideas on how they could support people into work or enterprise in early 2018. 

Each proposal will be considered by the newly formed Local Action Group. This includes people and organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Proposals would need to ensure that they deliver the objectives of the Local Development Strategy and meet ERDF/ESF objectives. Grants of between £10,000 and £100,000 will be available.

All projects will need to provide match funding to be supported;

  • 50% for potential ESF projects (supporting individuals)
  • 40% for ERDF projects (helping with business start-ups or offering business space).